This rock-climbing toddler will inspire you to get out and live your dreams

Morgan Brechler might only be twenty-five years old, but she’s taking the mothering game to staggering new heights. Literally.

A self-professed “nature groupie,” Morgan has been taking her three-year-old daughter Hadlie along on hiking and rock climbing adventures since she was just a few months old. She tells the Daily Mail, “We started out very basic, short hikes, local to where I live and just grew from there.”

Grew indeed! Together, this awe-inspiring mother-daughter duo have explored places like Joshua Tree, Mexico, Hawaii and the Grand Canyon. Morgan explains, “People say ‘when you have kids your life is over’ but I disagree. My life began when Hadlie became a part of it. She’s my best friend and my inspiration – there’s no one else I would rather share my adventures with than her.”


We love Morgan’s approach to parenting, and we think she’s pretty inspiring herself. And we’re not the only ones. She likes document her climbing adventures with Hadlie on her Instagram account, where she’s got nearly 25,000 followers. It’s easy to understand why. Her photos are glorious. Even more so when she explains that the reason she documents their trips is so that Hadlie will have the photos to look back on when she’s older and may not remember all her adventures.

And at the tender age of three, she’s already had A LOT of adventures. Your biggest accomplishment at that age was preschool? That’s cute. Little Hadlie’s been doing things like this:

So how exactly does a toddler learn to rock climb? Oh you know, by practicing on the climbing wall she’s got IN HER HOUSE.

What? You didn’t have one of those when you were three?

Climbing adventures aside, Hadlie is still very much a kid. And sometimes kids need a pacifier and a plush monkey when they’re out there living large. Obvs.

But for anyone who thinks this rad little girl is just hitching a ride in her mom’s backpack, take a look at this.

Whoa. That is seriously impressive. (Related: I now feel like the laziest person on the planet.)

We have to say, seeing all the gorgeous pics on Morgan’s IG inspires us to get outside and enjoy our natural surroundings. I mean, you won’t see a view like this when you’re inside looking at your phone. Just saying.

No judgment! We like/love/depend on technology just as much as everyone else. I was actually without wifi myself for several days last week and had to fend off hourly panic attacks. It’s this kind of dependence on tech that Morgan is fighting against with the mother-daughter excursions she plans for Hadlie. As Morgan says, “I want Hadlie to appreciate life and I don’t think there’s any better way for her to learn, grow and have gratitude than to be friends with Mother Earth. It’s important for kids to be in touch with nature – we get so lost behind technology.”

It’s important for adults, too. Because there’s a whole world out there just waiting for you!

Take it from Hadlie. She knows what’s up.


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All images via Morgan Brechler’s Instagram page @morganbrechler.

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