Meet Millie, the amaze rock-climbing rescue cat

One day, you’re sitting in a cage in an animal shelter in Park City, Utah, and the next, you’re scaling mountains and exploring some of the world’s most eerily beautiful canyons. At least that’s the case if you’re Millie, who we’re thinking might just be the luckiest rescue cat in Utah, if not the whole world.

Millie is owned by Craig Armstrong, an avid rock climber and all-around adventurer, who began taking Millie along on climbing trips last October and documents the kitty in all her rock-climbing glory on Instagram.

As Armstrong told, when the two met at Furburbia Adoption Center he, “took her into a quiet room and she climbed right up onto my shoulders.” A sign of things to come? Yes. In a really, really big way. 

One thing’s for certain: Millie loves to climb! When she’s at home, she climbs things like fences . . .

And trees.

Sometimes she even (quite literally) climbs the walls.

Armstrong was inspired to start taking Millie along on his adventures when he saw so many people in Utah climbing with their dogs. He’s quick to emphasize that climbing with a cat poses unique challenges, namely in terms of safety. “A dog, you can just ignore them, they run around, have fun and come back. No big deal. A cat, you have to watch them at all times. A coyote, fox, owl, eagle, any number of things could kill or injure them. I love getting her outside, but it’s up to me to keep her safe too.”

Something tells us Millie is in good hands.

In addition to the adorbs companionship, Millie helps Armstrong experience rock-climbing in a whole new way. He told People, “You just see things you would normally walk right by, so many flowers, lizards, insects and tracks. You really just experience and explore nature at a slower pace from new angles, and it’s always a good time.”

When they’re out on trips together, Millie spends her time climbing…

Jumping . . .

Balancing on rocks . . .

And other high places.

She also keeps a close eye on the climbing equipment.

And generally just looks like the most amazing animal we’ve ever seen.

We’re so glad this very special pair has found one another. All cats (and all climbers!) should be so lucky!

All images via Craig Armstrong’s Instagram @pechanga