The story behind Robyn’s new album is equal parts heartbreaking and gorgeous

Raise your hand if “Dancing on my Own” is on constant repeat in your brain/ has a forever-spot on your life soundtrack? For all the Robyn fangirls out there, this breaking music news is for you. Our dance-pop sweetheart has been working her butt off on her new project La Bagatelle Magique with keyboardist Markus Jägerstedt, and she just announced that the group is dropping a mini-album in August!

The road to releasing this album has been rough. The late music producer Christian Falk was the third musketeer on the project . Robyn told Annie Mac of BBC Radio that she had been making music with Falk “since [she] was a kid.”

“He taught me so much about music,” Robyn told the BBC, regarding Falk. “He started out as a punk bass player and then got into house music in the 80s and 90s, and from there he moved on to hip-hop and all kinds of music. He was like a magpie.”

Sadly, Falk was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed last year. One of the last things he did was collaborate with Robyn on this project. “We kept playing things to him, all the way up to the end,” Robyn explained. “We mixed the first song two months before he died.”

Though Robyn and Jägerstedt took a break from the project after the death of their beloved collaborator, eventually they returned to finish what they had started (and we’re so glad they did, we have no doubt this is exactly what Falk would have wanted), and the world will be able to revel in the wonder that is their mini-LP Love is Free on August 7th. Five glorious tracks await you. But if you absolutely CAN’T wait until then (yes, patience is a virtue but it’s also a reeeeaalllly hard thing to cultivate in oneself), never fear, one of the songs, “Set Me Free,” is currently avail on YouTube, go ahead and jam out to your heart’s content.


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