Robyn Lawley is actually the first ‘plus-size’ model in Sports Illustrated. (Yes, it’s confusing.)

So, yesterday we were really excited about Sport’s Illustrated alleged first “plus-size” model featured for their swimsuit issue, Ashley Graham. Ashley is pictured in a sexy black bikini for SwimsuitsForAll, a campaign encouraging women to love their natural bodies and embrace their curves, with or without clothes on.

BUT the Internet pointed out that this spread was an ad —NOT an actual feature for the swimsuit issue. Well, it turns out Sports Illustrated will not only be featuring an ad with a plus-size model, but it’ll also be featuring a real, editorial feature with a plus-size model for their 2015’s Rookie series. Robyn Lawley, a size 10 model, will be modeling a gorgeous orange bikini, and according to Twitter, she seems really psyched to be repping SI this year.

And really, we have two things to celebrate. One of them is Ashley Graham’s SwimsuitsForAll ad, because ad or no ad, it’s still super rad that we have more diverse bodies being represented in a magazine that’s known for fostering narrow beauty standards in the past. The second event we should totally celebrate is Robyn Lawley, of course, because she’ll be the first OFFICIAL fuller-figured woman to be portrayed in Sports Illustrated. And that is just amazing.

Sports Illustrated seems to slowly be getting with the times—according to Fashionista, they’ve realized that the plus-size market is growing, and a third of their audience is, in fact, ladies. “It makes sense to appeal to the consumer,” Fashionista claims.

We are super excited about this turn of news. Here’s how the Internet feels:

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