This robot will help you blow your nose in case you’re too sick to do it yourself

Being sick really sucks, but here’s something that could improve the mood during your next ailment-themed pity party: a robot that helps you blow your nose. Simone Giertz — aka the Queen of Shitty Robots such as the perpetually malfunctioning butt-wiping robot — has generously powered through the pesky symptoms of her own illness to create a robot that attempts to do a little bit of the dirty work so snotty-nosed people don’t have to (emphasis on the word attempts).

With some minor tweaking, we could easily see ourselves using this robot (along with a trusty cold and flu season movie guide) to get over the hump of incessant hacking that happens to so many of us during this sickly time of year.

First off, can we just start by asking Giertz to give her quirky inventions a label upgrade from shitty to sorta kinda shitty? Maybe we’re a little batty, but these robots she comes up with aren’t actually as bad as she makes them out to be, but then again, maybe that’s done on purpose.

That said, this nose-wiping robot is kind of cool, but it definitely needs to loosen its grip, otherwise Giertz will have to follow up with another shitty robot that reattaches noses.

Oof. That looks about as painful as the rawness of nasal skin that’s been wiped one too many times. Damn you, cold and flu season! Anyway, watch the nose-blowing robot sorta kinda work its magic:

LOLZ. Hats off to Giertz for showing us how to master a sick day while helping us remember that laughter is the best medicine.