At last, robot pizza delivery is here!

Domino’s is once again solidifying itself as one of the most high-tech fast food companies around, moving from emoji ordering to a loftier endeavor–robot pizza delivery service.

During an event in Brisbane on Thursday, Domino’s Australia revealed an autonomous, self-driving robot that delivers pizza and drinks to customers using GPS technology, CNN Money reported. While it’s just in the prototype phase, the little guy successfully made his first trial delivery early this month, bringing a piping hot pie and cold liter of soda to a delighted couple.

The robot, nicknamed DRU for Domino’s Robotic Unit, was developed as part of a partnership with Marathon Targets, a military startup that typically develops robotics for live fire training.

Marathon seemed happy to add some work to the future of pizza, however; in a statement on their website, the company announced, “We are proud to also be part of this world-first innovation in pizza-delivery technology and its potential for saving lives, saving time, and moving goods more efficiently.”

The four-wheeled machine with a custom body was designed to reach speeds of 12 mph and travel along footpaths or even bike paths, all while tactfully avoiding obstacles. According to Lifehacker Australia, the robot works essentially like a Roomba, sensing objects via a laser light and plotting a safe course around them.

Once the robot arrives at its destination, customers can use a security code sent to their phone to unlock it, revealing separate containers used to keep your pizza hot and your drinks nicely chilled. This security feature also prevents unauthorized passerby from snagging your sausage and mushroom with extra cheese.

“We improvised, we explored, and we discovered that this audacious idea could actually become a reality,” the company said in a promotional video.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking ahead to future robot delivery offerings – Starbucks robots, anyone?