So necessary: This robot will help guide us through the maze that is the airport

After watching Westworld, we’re a little frightened at the prospect of introducing robots into our everyday lives, but the LG robots unveiled at CES seem SO CUTE that we kinda can’t resist. Honestly, if we’re going to have robot overlords, at least let them be adorable, you know?

Plus, the robots will be able to do the sort of things we would love to have robots do: household tasks, control smart home devices, and tell you when to stop scrolling through your phone and head to work so you won’t be late. Basically #thedream.

Apparently, the robots are also going to be assigned one more task, to be rolled out in South Korea’s airport later this year: helping you when you get lost in an airport.

We’re SLIGHTLY concerned that the ‘bots look like some hybrid of Wall-E and a Dalek (one of which is FINE and one of which is NOT GOOD) but honestly, if the Dalek is going to help us get through an international airport when we’re completely lost, we’re going to follow it.

Stands to reason that if the navigational airport robots perform well, we’ll start seeing a lot more of them, so hold off on booking a plane ticket to South Korea just to see them. As of now, though, LG hasn’t released any prices or a sale date for the home robots, so it might be a while before you have a semi-intelligent being roving around your house cleaning it and upsetting your cats.

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