Robot cats are here and they are the sweetest droid dreams

Are pets not allowed in your home? We may have found a solution: robot cats. What’s being marketed as a product for seniors could really be for anyone who wants a cat but can’t take care of it. Hasbro, the company who made all your favorite childhood toys, as making a line of Companion Pets specifically for adults. And, because this is the future, the technology is amazing.

They pretty much act like real cats, butting up against you and responding to your touch. You can purchase one of three kinds of cats, Orange Tabby, Silver, or Creamy White, but there are limitless opportunities for how it can enrich your life. The description reads:

Specifically, the cat has built-in sensors with realistic markings and even a vibrating purr. Bonus: you don’t have to clean up after it. It’s literally like getting all the awesome perks of having a pet without any of the responsibility.

The cats cost $99.99 each, and have been released just in time for the holidays. This is a perfect gift if you’re in college or allergic, or the perfect dupe if your little sibling actually wanted kitten. Either way, you’ll get a snuggle.

(Image via Hasbro)