Here’s a robot that is better at the ball and cup game than most humans because the future is now

Get ready, because the robot takeover is well on its way! Why might you ask?

Because this robot has mastered the art of the ball and cup game after only 100 tries.

(Those who have ever tried to play the ball and cup game will know that’s insanely fast.)


The robot in question, Pepper, was created by the Japanese company SoftBank, and is made as a companion robot that can read emotions, and learn simple tasks. Which is sweet, but also kind of unnerving for anyone familiar with the sci-fi genre.

In this video via the SoftBank YouTube channel we can see Pepper in action, learning the ball and cup game. Pepper has the game demonstrated to it by a human assistant, and then proceeds to try and succeed to master it in 100 tries.

We’ve never been so focused on anything in our entire lives.

Although 100 tries might seem like a lot to anyone who has not tried to play this deceptively hard game, we would argue that Pepper does a great job, especially since you see it adjusting and improving at every stage of the video, and when you take in account that the human “demonstrator” couldn’t actually successfully get the ball in the cup when showing the game to Pepper.

We have to hand it to this adorable, overachieving robot. It’s definitely got spunk, and tenacity.


According to Gizmodo, you can own your very own Pepper robot for $1600. They’re currently only in sale in Japan, but there are plans between Chinese software company Alibaba and Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn to bring Pepper’s technology to the rest of the world. So you might be seeing this overachieving robot at a store near you sometime soon.

While we are of course still wary of the robot takeover, we would be lying if we said we weren’t mentally tallying up a list of annoying tasks to teach Pepper to take on for us. Opening jars? Taking out the trash? Doing our homework? The possibilities are endless.

Check out Pepper in action in the video below: