Robin Williams’ wife gave a gorgeous speech about her husband, and we are crying

While most of the world was affected by Robin William’ death in 2014, his family was the most directly impacted. Since Robin died, his wife Susan Williams has been speaking out about Lewy Body Disease, the disease which led to the beloved comedian’s suicide. During a heartfelt speech about Robin on Oct. 22, she continued to educate the world about brain diseases as she accepted an award on his behalf. And get prepared to shed some tears while your read the transcript of Susan’s speech.

Because of his efforts in entertaining troops, Robin was posthumously awarded the 2016 Angel Harvey Heart of a Patriot Award by the USO during its 75th anniversary gala at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois. Susan accepted the award on her deceased husband’s behalf and used the opportunity to not only talk about Robin’s “heart of a patriot,” but also the debilitating brain disease he suffered from and how many soldiers come home from service suffering from neurological disorders as well.

Susan discussed how she has partnered with the American Brain Foundation to eradicate all brain diseases — the one that took away her husband and ones likes PTSD that soldiers often suffer from.

"Robin may have lost his battle here against LBD. But he did not lose the war. No, he’s not done yet. The way I see it, he has brought the light of dawn to a new mission for all of us. That mission is to eradicate brain disease," Susan said.

She also compared the loneliness of Robin’s health struggles to how soldiers may feel isolated either during or after war since people who haven’t experienced battle may not be able to relate.

"This reminds me a lot of brain disease. Oftentimes the person afflicted doesn’t know what they are up against. Their battle can be partially or wholly in secret, either by choice or biological breakdown. It can be just as mysterious for their caregivers and loved ones and doctors, as it is for them. Yet they keep fighting — even while their spirits are feeling crushed. This was true for Robin. There is no cure for the deadly Lewy Body Disease that took him from us. Nobody chooses brain disease, Robin didn’t."

What made her speech even more touching was the fact that she gave it on their wedding anniversary, noting that she thinks, “My honey may have wanted me to put on a pretty dress and to just feel the love in this room tonight.”

Although Susan’s speech was specifically tailored for the USO, her message of love and support for the military, her husband, and other people suffering from brain diseases is moving for anyone to read. And though it’s depressing to remember that Robin’s light was extinguished too soon, his wife’s mission is now full of hope.

"I stand hopeful before all of you. The love my husband and I have shared has been my beacon and my guide," Susan said. "The love all of you give by your choice to take your worst days and use them to give someone their best days — that devotion and caring for others is my strength."