A rainbow tunnel will forever pay tribute to Robin Williams

When Robin Williams passed away, the world mourned the loss of a talented, brilliant, hilarious actor. Videos in memory of Williams were made, thoughtful essays were written, and emotional speeches were given. And although it’s been almost a year since the passing of one of our greatest performers, people are still finding beautiful ways to pay tribute. As of Wednesday, Williams’ home state of California approved a bill to name a tunnel in his honor.

Last year, a petition was started to change the name of the Waldo tunnel to the Robin Williams tunnel. The tunnel, located in Tiburon—just a short distance from San Francisco—was often used by Williams, since it’s the fastest way to get to the city and Marin county. Plus, the tunnel was embroidered with rainbows, something that reminded many who used it, of Williams’ kindness and his wonderful character. The Change.org petition, started by Julie Wainwright, stated, “Tens of thousands of people travel through this landmark each week. Above each of the tunnel entrances are rainbows, which I believe personify Robin in that he was so playful, fun, accessible, alive and colorful.”

The actor had a special connection with Tiburon, since he lived there as a teen, and it was where he attended college. Plus, he thought of Tiburon as his home. According to Buzzfeed, the actor “always returned to his home there even as his career catapulted him into international stardom.” Williams had a great relationship with his community, and citizens of Tiburon were especially  heartbroken to hear the news of his death. The petition says, “I want to remember and honor this very important citizen here in our community for the joy he brought to the world and to bring awareness to the silent illness that eventually took his life.”

While we didn’t need any more proof of all the ways Williams influenced and inspired those around him, this tunnel petition definitely shows that. The California state legislature approved of the name-change this week, and should be in effect this fall.

(Images via Polygram Entertainment, Flickr)

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