Robin Williams’ ‘A Merry Friggin’ Christmas’ trailer is here, and it’s amazing

Robin Williams, our comedic hero and collective lovable uncle, died this last August, leaving all of us utterly shattered. I know I still miss him terribly. Watching Mrs. Doubtfire will never be quite the same, and I can’t help but feel sharp pangs in my chest whenever I come across a quote by the eternally inspirational character, Professor John Keating. But these fragments of Robin Williams mean that a part of him will always be with us, and his cinematic gifts to us will forever be immortalized. We will always be able to watch Jumanji, Good Will Hunting, or What Dreams May Come when we want to experience his infectious laugh, and his talent to always make us all feel a little bit less alone. For this, Robin, we will always be grateful.

Before Williams died, he was part of several projects including The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, Absolutely Anything, and A Merry Friggin’ Christmas. A Merry Friggin’ Christmas, which is about a slightly dysfunctional family getting into slightly dysfunctional shenanigans in order to save Christmas, looks incredible. Robin Williams plays Mitch, the dad, who is tenacious, sarcastic and little bit wild. Also starring in A Merry Friggin’ Christmas is Joel McHale, Candice Bergen, and The Office‘s Clark Duke. Watch the first official trailer here, and feel all the feelings!

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