Robin Williams once asked to play this iconic “Harry Potter” role

There is no denying the mega success that is the Harry Potter franchise. It seems since the first book was released in 1997, the love for everything Wizardly has just grown. And it’s no doubt due to the fascinating stories in the book series and the great casting when it came to turning those words into the big screen. But things could have been very different if Robin Williams was a part of the Harry Potter franchise, right?

One of the common downfalls of turning a well-loved novel into a movie is trying to find the right casting so the characters come to life in a believable way. And no one can deny that Harry Potter was able to do that.

Seriously, could you imagine anyone else playing the lead role in Harry Potter or what the world would be like without Emma Watson as Hermione?

Casting director Janet Hirshenson recently chatted with The Huffington Post about how Daniel Radcliffe landed the lead role. And he revealed that Robin Williams once asked if he could be a part of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone cast as Rubeus Hagrid.

“Robin [Williams] had called [director Chris Columbus] because he really wanted to be in the movie, but it was a British-only edict, and once he said no to Robin, he wasn’t going to say yes to anybody else, that’s for sure, Hirshenson said. “It couldn’t be.

We’re sure if given the opportunity Williams would have nailed the role. But we honestly couldn’t imagine anyone other than Robbie Coltrane as the lovable groundskeeper.

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