This guest on James Corden proves that science is cool AF

While our love for Bill Nye will never end, we do have room in our hearts for even more science love, and that space was just filled by Professor Robert Winston. The author of children’s books Utterly Amazing Science and Maker Lab, Professor Winston made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden and we’re swooning for science.

The pair did some seriously killer experiments.

Like this one involving bubbles.


James Corden totally freaked TF out, and we definitely understand why. We would have worried about scorching Winston, too!

And this one involving 4000 ping pong balls.


Yeah, you read that right! And they totally flew everywhere.


Of course, it’s *totally* hilarious.

This is James Corden we’re dealing with, after all! His expressions are probably the best part of the entire episode. But, TBH, we were having super strong reactions, too. It was cool as hell! Oh, science. We love you so.

Watch the full clip below!