Robert Pattinson said he was willing to do something pretty unexpected to get a role in his latest movie

We’ve all had that urge where, when it comes to our dream jobs, we’d do absolutely anything to get them, and it seems that being an actor is no different. Robert Pattinson was desperate to work on his new movie that he said he’d also do the catering if he was given a part.

The actor, who has revealed that he nearly got fired from Twilight for fighting with those in charge, was speaking to OK! magazine about just how desperate he was to star in Ben and Joshua Safdie’s movie Good Time, which had its premiere at Cannes this year and has been wowing critics.

In the movie, Pattinson plays Connie Nikas, a thief who attempts to help his brother our of jail after a bank robbery goes wrong, From the trailer it looks pretty darn intense. It was a role, he said, that he was desperate for.

The actor told OK! that had been a fan of the Safdie’s movie Heaven Knows What, and he knew that he had to take part in whatever they were working on next, even it meant taking on more than one job.

"I don’t like waiting around for my agent to call me. I like to go after films on my own because I know my own tastes and the kind of films I want to do better than anyone else," he said. "I told the brothers I’d be willing to do anything to work with them, even the catering."

While we can’t imagine that you’d get much done if you were starring in a movie and also having to run off to run a kitchen to make sure the cast and crew are fed, we like R-Patz’s dedication and determination to get the role of his dreams.

Indeed, part of the actor’s desire to work on the movie was the Safdie brothers “guerrilla” style filmmaking.

“They told me they wanted to shoot the film in “guerilla” style, without booking locations in advance or using security staff to block off streets or traffic while we were shooting,” he explained, before describing the experience as “thrilling.” 

Thankfully, as the critics have been saying, it appears that this exciting filming style and Robert Pattinson’s enthusiasm for it has paid off, as Good Time currently has an 87% rating on Metacritic.

The movie hits theaters on on August 11th. Maybe R-Patz will cater the premiere?