Robert Pattinson revealed one of his least favorite words in Hollywood

Robert Pattinson may have starred in one of the biggest film franchises of the 2000s — The Twilight Saga. But ironically, Pattinson admits that one of his least favorite Hollywood terms is “franchise.” The actor sat down with The Huffington Post to talk about his new film, Good Time, and his old friend, Twilight.

"I remember when Twilight first came out, it was the first time I’d really heard film series be referred to as 'franchises,'" Pattinson said.

In fact, 2008’s Twilight was one of Hollywood’s first attempts and mega-successes at the franchise model, thus helping to spur Hollywood’s obsession with turning well-loved existing media into big-budget film series. Remember Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2? That’s what franchising is all about.

Pattinson’s dislike of the franchise model is what pushed him to take more independent film roles, like Connie in Good Time, after The Twilight Saga ended. He told HuffPost,

“And then you see everyone talking about the word 'franchise' as if it’s this revered term. 'Franchise' should not be about a movie. That’s a fast-food restaurant...All these actors are saying 'franchise' ― it’s like, what are you doing? You’ve drunk the Kool-Aid!"

Even though he’s decided to take the path less-franchised, Pattinson is still grateful that he had his Twilight experience. He told HuffPost that he was inspired and in awe over how different audiences interpreted it.

"People would excuse you for not taking something seriously if it becomes this mainstream thing," he said. "I took it just as seriously — more seriously — than other things I’ve done."

You can catch Robert Pattinson in Good Times in select theaters. The film is certainly no Twilight, but from Pattinson’s perspective, that’s probably a good thing.

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