Yes, that is Robert Pattinson slaying in a pink wig in “Wonderland” magazine

Robert Pattinson is on the cover of the Autumn issue of the colorful and cool Wonderland magazine. Fun fact: He directed the shoot himself (and guest edited the entire issue).

And what did the usually private star do for his self-directed photoshoot? Pattinson wore an aggressively cool pink wig.

Shot by photographer Sandy Kim, Pattinson is as unrecognizable in these images as he is in his new film Good Time. We aren’t sure what he was going for with this look; however, in the issue, he interviewed author Yuval Noah Harari, who spoke to some truths about fashion and what it means to dress as a man or a woman, and we think Pattinson’s cover look is meant to illustrate these words.

Pattinson probed the author to speak on the idea of “masculine” versus “feminine” dress.

Male fashion has changed so much,” Harari reveals to Pattinson in the Wonderland interview. “What is feminine dress and what is masculine dress changes so much in history. Wearing a wig and high heels and things like that, this was very masculine in 17th or 18th century Europe. Today maybe it’s a bit different, but for most of the 20th and 21st centuries masculine dress, at least in the West, is very low-key and grey and women are the flamboyant gender and men are much more reserved. This is actually an abnormality for much of history: men dressed in a much more flamboyant way than the women and certainly in the animal kingdom, in most mammals and birds, the males are far more colorful and flamboyant than the females.

We’re guessing this conversation had some influence on the following ~lewks~.

Elsewhere in the magazine, he appeared more like his usual self.

One of the things we love most about Pattinson is his mystery. He tends to hide out from the press but will randomly appear to give an awesome performance in a film (or wear a pink wig). Either way, we dig it.