Robert Pattinson meets James Dean. Discuss.

Robert Pattinson has been a vampire, a teen wizard, and now he’s a photographer. In his latest film, he plays Dennis Stock, a photojournalist who lands a Life magazine assignment covering an unknown actor called James Dean, played by Dane DeHaan.

On a cross country road trip, Stock and Dean develop a friendship as both of them struggle with kick starting their careers. Dean is on the edge of his tragically short career, with East of Eden hitting theaters in the trailer. But the establishment isn’t so sure about the changes coming in society, and both James Dean and Dennis Stock are on the cusp of that shift.

The trailer for Life is full of 1960s style, and looks gorgeous. Could this be the point when R. Patz breaks away from his Twilight fame and defines his career outside of fandoms? Sadly, a US release date is yet to be announced, although the film is hitting theaters in the UK next month. We’ll just have to wait and see! But for now, we can enjoy the trailer.

(Image via Youtube)