Robert Pattinson is the latest celeb to rock a blonde bob this summer, and we stan

First it was Reese Witherspoon and Camila Cabello. Then it was Kate Beckinsale and Michelle Williams. Now, Robert Pattinson is the latest celeb to rock a blonde bob this summer. Although we’re always pro-women supporting women, we can’t help but say dayum—Pattinson’s bob may just be the most fire haircut of summer 2019.

Okay, so maybe Pattinson’s new ‘do is just a wig. And maybe he only donned said wig to play the villain in a period film set in the early 15th century. But still. Rob may want to consider taking this hairstyle into his everyday arsenal. We’re big fans of his dirty blonde medieval locks. Like, big fans.

Blonde-bobbed Pattinson plays the Dauphin of France, heir to King Charles VI, the main antagonist to Timothée Chalamet’s Henry V in Netflix’s upcoming film The King, due out this fall. The film is the dramatic tale of Henry’s rise to power and short-lived but powerful reign over England in the early 1400s.

Although he’s labeled the foe, we can’t help but immediately stan Pattinson just based on his beauty in the role of Dauphin alone.

Those wind-swept blonde locks teamed with his deep-set eyes…Sorry, but we’re swooning.

And we’re not the only ones falling for the pretty French prince. Twitter is all over Pattinson’s new look.

There’s just something so familiar about him with long hair…oh. Oh, yeah. That’s it.

We’re here for the 2008 Twilight vibes. Serve them up. We are ready.

Welp, we are once again obsessed with Robert Pattinson—specifically Robert Pattinson with a blonde bob. We’ll be watching him in The King once it debuts on Netflix, and we can only hope the streaming giant will release posters so that we can restore our bedrooms to their full Twihard-era glory.

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