Robert Downey Jr. won St. Patrick’s Day with the help of some seriously cute pigs

Friday was a day full of festivities. Green festivities, to be specific. Along with so many of us, celebrities celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in full force and shared their pictures on social media to prove it. The photos mostly consisted of leprechauns, green beer, green outfits and more green beer.

But the big winner of the day was Robert Downey Jr. He not only wore a green four-leaf clover body suit, green hat and green sunglasses — he got down and dirty to pet two adorable pigs (while sitting on green grass).

And someone captured all of it on camera. Thankfully.

Downey posted the photo to Instagram with the caption, “The three of us will be looking for you at the parade. Happy St Paddy’s Day!”

We’re not exactly sure what parade the actor was referring to. But we hope whoever got to see this in action (if it really was for a public appearance) took lots and lots of pictures. Only Robert Downey Jr. could chill in a shamrock onesie while casually petting a couple pigs and still somehow look cool.

Other celebrities got into the St. Paddy’s Day spirit as well.

Even though they didn’t have cute pigs in their photos, they still shared some solid Irish cuteness with some hilarity thrown in there too.

Like Mark Wahlberg’s post wishing everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day from him and his ADORABLE daughter.

And Selma Blair’s photo of her son doing some serious scrubbing, which is her “gold at the end of the rainbow.”

Here’s Kenny Chesney posing with a bottle of green rum on the beach (a pretty good St. Paddy’s Day, if you ask us):

Chaka Khan got into the spirit by Leprehkan-ing herself, because she obviously knows how to have a good ol’ green time.

And Reese Witherspoon shared her excitement about finding a pot of gold.

As fun as all of the posts are, nothing beats pigs. Nothing.

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