You can now karaoke with a hologram of Rob Thomas at his concerts and we’re kinda into it

Holograms are cool and Lord knows we love karaoke . . . so why not karaoke with a hologram? Rob Thomas, the lead singer of Matchbox Twenty who also has a pretty impressive solo career, is making it happen at concerts this summer.

VNTANA, a “social augmented reality company,” announced today that a hologram of Rob will go on his North American tour this summer to allow fans with a VIP Package to sing (warble?) their hearts outside alongside their favorite singer. It’ll work like this: you pick one of three songs (including his new single, natch), the hologram appears, and you then “duet” with hologram Rob while watching it on a screen in front of you. Presumably, your friends stand off to the side snapping a million videos for Instagram/laughing at you/being mad envious.

The whole thing is explained (by Rob!) in this video, which we have to admit, make it look pretty exciting. Although we’ve certainly seen how late singers have “performed” via hologram at concerts over the years (to mixed responses), apparently, this is the absolute first-ever hologram karaoke experience for fans.

Of course, an IRL meet-and-greet (or meet-and-hyperventilate, as it were) with Rob Thomas would really knock our socks off. But if we have to settle for rocking out to “This Is How A Heart Breaks” alongside a Rob hologram, we think we can manage.