The first trailer for Rob Lowe’s supernatural ghost-hunting show is here, and we are intrigued

Mulder and Scully, beware. There’s a new crew in town. Rob Lowe and his two sons are hunting down the supernatural in a new show on A&E, The Lowe Files. And judging by the preview, it’s gonna get pretty spooky.

So grab your flashlights and let’s join this hunt for Sasquatch!


You’re probably a huge fan of Rob Lowe from some of his many TV and film roles from over the past several decades. Like The West Wing, The Outsiders, and Parks & Recreation, to name just a few. But now he’s teaming up with a more familiar cast — his two sons, Matthew and John Owen.

On the show, the three will “travel through the country to explore infamous unsolved mysteries, a curiosity that Rob has had since his early childhood days and has now been passed down to his boys.” It sounds scary, but wait! In the promo, there are also plenty of adorable home videos…


See?! There’s bound to be some fun, family moments while these three dudes hunt for ghosts. Still skeptical? You can now watch the full promo here:

The Lowe Files premieres August 2nd on A&E. Tune in to see if they actually find Sasquatch, and also just to watch some fun father-and-sons antics!