If we’re lucky, this beloved but canceled Rob Lowe show could return

We have some *great* news to share. A fan-favorite Rob Lowe show could be returning in some form. No, it’s not The West Wing or Parks and Recreation. Lowe’s hilarious sitcom The Grinder might be coming back. At least, according to the actor himself.

And let’s be honest, if anyone can make this happen, it’s Rob Lowe, right?

Lowe is busy promoting his new supernatural hunting show with his sons (called The Lowe Files, obviously!), but he hasn’t forgotten about The Grinder, which had a fervent fan base but was canceled after Season 1. It even co-starred Wonder Years alum Fred Savage. How could you cancel something with that amazing duo?!

Well, in a recent interview with Huffington Post, Lowe said there’s still a chance that The Grinder will be back in some form:

“I hear a rumor that there might be life to The Grinder in some sort of special or movie or something like that, Lowe said. “I don’t think you’ve seen the last of The Grinder. Too many people liked it. It was such a good show. And I feel like Arrested Development and Family Guy, all shows that were canceled before their time — ahem, by Fox — I think there’s probably more to be done.

He’s right that a lot of canceled shows getting a second chance recently. Remember how The Mindy Project went to Hulu after it was canceled? Or, how fan reactions to Timeless being canceled actually un-canceled it?! These days there’s always the chance for a new life with canceled shows, and we’ve got our fingers crossed that Rob is right and we’ll soon get more of The Grinder.