Teen just pranked parents, and it was really LOWE of him

It may be far from April Fools Day, but that doesn’t mean we here at Hello Giggles don’t appreciate a good practical joke at any time of the year. And believe me, this one is particularly awesome (especially if you’re a fan of of a certain former Parks & Rec character). In fact, this prank by Imgur user StudyofWumbology is so good it may very well be the new Rick Roll

It all starts with some unsuspecting parents coming home to find a note on their front door that says, “Dear Parents, I accidentally left the garage door open after I went to go see Ted. When I got back home the whole place was robbed… I’m sorry, please don’t freak out when you go inside…”

At this point, you can imagine the parents are already freaking out (as we all would), wondering what prized possessions have been stolen or destroyed.

But once they walk inside, the real fun begins. As the parents look every which way for signs of a burglary, they are instead met with dozens of miniature Rob Lowes staring right back at them.

See for yourself.

Yes, this is some Being John Malkovich stuff right here (okay, maybe not THAT creepy).

What it really is, though, is a total of 168 Rob Lowe heads pasted over the faces of each and every single family portrait in the house. From Grandma to baby nephews, there is a miniature Rob Lowe in every corner smiling back at you in all his sparkly-eyed, perfectly coiffed glory. For a true Rob Lowe fan, this is literally the best prank ever.

We wonder how the parents took it? At least we’re sure they were happy they weren’t actually ROBBED-robbed. Just Rob Lowe Robbed. Bwah-aha-hahaha.

So was this really a prank or just an elaborate scheme to get you to watch Rob’s new show, “The Grinder” (airing Tuesdays at 8:30PM on FOX)?

Nah, now that would really just be too…Lowe.

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(sorry, couldn’t resist!)

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