Please enjoy Rob Lowe trying *SO* hard to make a children’s diorama

Rob Lowe would like you to know that he not good at crafts, but he’s going to try to craft so darn hard.

“I love people who are crafty, I love enjoying crafts, I love trying crafts — TRYING —  to make things. [However] I am horrendous [at crafts],” he explains to HelloGiggles before he heads off to grab a glue gun. Rob is getting ready to film the latest edition of “Make Off,” Busy Phillip’s delightful craft series for Michaels, where she goes head-to-head with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars to determine WHO can craft best.

"I may not be good at crafting, but I'm really competitive. So Ms. Phillips is going down," Rob jokes.

“One of the reasons why I wanted to do this, was because maybe I can break through the post-traumatic stress disorder I have of being, universally revered as the worst crafter in my family,” Rob continues. “The one stays with me [is from] woodshop, back in the days when woodshop was taught at school. Traumatizing. We had to do a diorama in wood. I had the most amazing vision of what I wanted to do, but I had absolutely no way of executing it. And I just failed it.  Ever since then I’m like, I’ll take any help [crafting] I can get. [Now] I am going to right history’s past mistakes, if it’s the last thing I do.”

Spoiler alert, Rob’s actually pretty good at making dioramas, much to the surprise of Busy. He even clinches the coveted Maker Cup. Talk about a true underdog story.

"To my 8th grade woodshop teacher, HUH, HUH? How do you like me now? I've never been more proud. I've never wanted to win anything more."


Congrats, Rob! You’ve made your whole family, and your 8th grade woodshop teacher, proud.