Rob Kardashian once spent $13,000 in a month on groceries with Blac Chyna, and it’s actually really cute

Despite past drama, we’re officially sold on Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s relationship. Not only are they incredibly cute together (with a baby on the way!), but they just seem to genuinely really make each other happy.

Which is why we couldn’t help but smile when we found out that Rob once spent $13,000 in a SINGLE month on groceries for Chyna. Yep. You read that correctly.


Okay, we know what you’re probably thinking: “That’s just…that’s just TOO MUCH.” And while we totally agree the number sounds insanely excessive, we were totally won over after hearing their totally adorable exchange about it over Facebook Live chat while promoting their new show, Rob & Chyna.

After Chyna said she didn’t really have any pregnancy cravings, Rob immediately shot back with, “What do you love to eat? What do I always order you?” To which Chyna admitted, “Philly cheesesteak!” and “P.F. Chang’s.”

And when asked by a fan if she ever has to make late night runs to the store because of cravings, Chyna laughed, saying, “No, Rob, he uses Postmates,” (a grocery delivery service that Rob says he uses basically every day). She went on to add, “I wonder how much your Postmates bill is. It’s probably, like, ridiculous.

And that’s when Rob sheepishly admitted that one month it “got to like, $13,000.”


Again, we get that it’s crazy excessive, but the fact that these two have such a comfortable, loving back-and-forth is still making our hearts melt a little. And after all, Rob is a Kardashian — excess is kind of their thing.