Rob Kardashian says Blac Chyna left him and took baby Dream in a new Snapchat, and we’re wishing them the best

In seriously heartbreaking news, Rob Kardashian just took to Snapchat to reveal that his wife Blac Chyna has left him — and taken their baby Dream and all the contents of the nursery with her. There are a lot of complications and sides to this story, so we’re seriously just wishing everyone the best.

Breakups are tough and no one is ever truly in the right or wrong so we’re feeling for both Rob and Blac Chyna right now.

This news comes right after Blac Chyna’s Instagram account was hacked and revealed alleged direct messages where she talked badly about Rob and the possibility of leaving him.

We’re so against this invasion of her privacy and cannot imagine how the both of them are feeling.

Rob’s messages are incredibly sad to say the least. He recently posted an update on Instagram, which alludes to the SnapChat that he posted where he revealed that Blac Chyna had left. The audio on the first video isn’t great but the one thing that is clear that he’s saying is:

So yeah, I’m not feeling so good.

The audio on the second video is clearer, and we see him showing the empty nursery, as well as the empty room for Blac Chyna’s oldest child, King. We also see him walk downstairs to an empty but perfectly decorated house with a Christmas tree. The saddest part of the audio from this video is Rob saying:

I’m pretty upset and I’m pretty sad because it’s about to be Christmas and I want to be with my baby.

However there are two sides to every story. Blac Chyna recently took to Instagram herself to reveal that Rob has been dealing with a lot of mental health issues in the past year, and things haven’t been great in the relationship. She felt that she needed to remove herself from the situation in order to better take care of herself and her children.

Although we try to take care of the people we love, sometimes we need to put ourselves first so we are seriously feeling for Chyna as well.

Either way this is a totally heartbreaking situation, and we’re seriously feeling for both Rob and Blac Chyna right now. We’re wishing them all the best, and hope that they are both able to recover and heal from this tough breakup!