Rob Kardashian has a super important health update for us

Back in December of 2015, Rob Kardashian faced a frightening health scare when it was reported that he was hospitalized due to complications from Type 2 diabetes. This worried fans who had no idea that Rob was even struggling with the condition. Rob has slowly begun to open up about his struggles with weight and body image over the past few years, so the fact that he is also dealing with a health condition makes us truly feel for him.

Now, though, it seems that Rob has some great news about his health, and he’s chronicling it on his show, Rob & Chyna. In a newly released clip from Sunday’s episode, Rob tells his fiancée Chyna that he is “completely free of diabetes.”

"I just met with Goglia, the nutritionist, and he just told me all of my numbers and I'm completely free of diabetes. That's like the best news I've heard all year, literally."

Chyna jokingly asks him, “what about us having a baby?” and Rob agrees, of course, saying, “That’s obviously in front of that,” Rob laughs. “The baby is obviously the best news. That’s of my life.”


It seems that Rob’s health is on a steady incline since his health scare last winter, and he told PEOPLE in August just how terrifying the diagnosis was for him.

"It was a big-time scare. I had found out I had type 2 diabetes six months before, but I stopped taking my insulin. I didn’t enjoy the routine. So I ended up nonstop throwing up and I couldn’t even swallow because my mouth was so dry. I felt like I was going to die."

Rob was relieved to learn that he was free of diabetes just eight months later, saying, “When I got out of the hospital, I knew I needed to make changes. Chyna and I had a really big talk, and she told me that by having her cook for me, my diabetes would be gone – and it is.”

Check out the clip below to see Rob give the happy news to his lady.