“Rob & Chyna” Season 2 is reportedly on hold, but we’re still hoping for the best

As of now, things are looking rather bleak for the future of Rob & Chyna, as Season 2 filming is on hold, according to Us Weekly. Just last month, Kardashian and Chyna broke up again and officially called off their engagement. At that time, a supposed insider claimed that their decision to no longer live together wouldn’t affect the upcoming season of Rob & Chyna, but this latest update paints quite the opposite picture.

Since they became engaged last April, Kardashian and Chyna’s relationship has been nonstop drama, both on and off the screen.

Still, we had hoped they could keep things positive and in the family way, so as to peacefully co-parent their sweet baby girl Dream.

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Unfortunately, a source says that’s been a huge struggle, to the point where filming together is basically impossible for the former couple.

"It was hard for them to film season 1, and season 2 is not happening," a source told Us. "They can't even get through a day together — logistically they can't do it. They coparent Dream, but they don't spend time together with Dream."

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Nooo, you guys. We realize this is completely out of our control, but this is becoming more heartbreaking by the minute and totally NOT how we want things to go down between these two.

A beacon of hope in this drama-filled darkness is the fact that a spokesperson for E! denied the filming halt, telling Us, “We are continuing to shoot with all the family members, and are covering Rob and his relationship with Chyna.”

As with everything related to the reality stars’ on-again, off-again relationship, we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. Still wishing them the best!