This guy went on a road trip to bring his BFF a banana and we desperately want to be part of their friendship

A California student’s act of kindness is going viral after he drove 50 miles to bring his friend a banana.

Martin Peredo of Ventura, California told Buzzfeed he was in a Starbucks trying to study when his friend, 20-year-old Justin Mendoza, texted him to ask for food. The only problem? Mendoza was in Northridge – more than 50 miles away from Peredo.

In an act of true friendship, Peredo grabbed a banana, got into the car, and drove it all the way to Northridge to hand-deliver it to his friend.

Peredo documented the journey with a tweet that has now been re-tweeted nearly 18,000 times.

After sharing the banana, both friends agreed they were still hungry. Peredo posted an update to his original tweet, informing the world that they splurged and got Wingstop. We approve: It’s a meal much more worthy of their next-level friendship.

Peredo and Mendoza have been friends for more than 13 years, Peredo told Buzzfeed. We’re definitely feeling the love.

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