We finally learned who killed Jason Blossom on “Riverdale” and we are SHOOK

There’s still one more episode of Riverdale this season, but last night we discovered the answer to the show’s biggest mystery — who killed Jason Blossom?!

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, this is your last chance to turn around cause we are jumping into all of the action right now.

The mystery of who killed Jason Blossom has been haunting everyone in Riverdale throughout Season 1. And at the end of episode 11, Jughead’s dad, F.P., was arrested for the murder after the gun used in the murder was found in his trailer. But, not so fast! The crack team of Archie and Veronica were *dead* convinced that F.P. was innocent. So like Scooby and the gang they kept investigating.


Meanwhile, F.P. confessed to everything, including killing Jason. But if it wasn’t him, why?!


It turns out, he was threatened to keep the real killer safe. But with those pesky kids investigating, secrets of Riverdale were exposed. It turns out Polly and Jason were cousins — that’s why her dad didn’t want them together. The Coopers are actually Blossoms!! Now that’s a bombshell.

And when the crew were able to find Jason’s jacket (thanks to a tip from Kevin’s boyfriend, Joaquin) they also found a thumb drive with footage of the actual murder. Eeeeeeek! They watched it and were sufficiently traumatized. Betty called Cheryl to warn her that her FATHER was the killer. That’s right. Jason’s dad, Clifford Blossom, killed him.


But now we’re left with another huge question — why did he kill Jason?! And after seeing Mr. Blossom dead of apparent suicide at the end of the episode, we only have more questions!! Guess we’ll just have to watch next week. The season finale of Riverdale airs May 11th on The CW.