“Riverdale” star Madelaine Petsch asked her boyfriend to do her makeup, and we’re loving her new lewk

Given how much time our significant others spend watching us doing our makeup, it’s slightly puzzling that they aren’t offering to doll us up more often.

Riverdale‘s Madelaine Petsch clearly thought her boyfriend Travis Mills was up to the task, because she trusted him to do her makeup before she went out to dinner (and she recorded it all, too). Would you be so brave?

If you’ve already got a fairly artistic boyfriend and he has spent a good amount of time watching you get ready, then it isn’t too far out to assume that he might be able to get it together and do your makeup properly. Travis even knows how to properly use a BeautyBlender, so he can’t be going in blind.

Madelaine was definitely apprehensive towards the beginning of the video, but she seemed to relax once Travis started expertly blotting her foundation on her face. And can we talk about how gentle he was? His hands were steady and even, and we are definitely impressed.

We have to say we are most impressed with the lipstick application. Not only did Travis choose a very bold purple-grey shade, but he applied it expertly. Even we have trouble doing our own lipstick sometimes! Mad props, Travis.

Right off the bat, Travis confidently applies Madelaine’s makeup with a soft touch.


You can see her trying to control her grimace.

Doing our own eyeliner is difficult enough, so we are just as impressed with Madelaine’s trust in Travis as we are with his precision. Are they sure he’s never done this before?


Look at that loving gaze she’s giving him.

And as the piece de resistance, Madelaine’s boyfriend gently applies a sultry lip.


Bless his actual heart.

We like his take on her overall look! What do you think? It’s a touch goth, which is perfect for fall, and it looks great with a natural eye.


We are seriously impressed with these skills.

Check out the full video below:


Are you into it? Would you let your boyfriend try out his makeup application skills? It’s a sweet bonding activity, and it’s totally helpful. We’re into it.

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