Fans are hoping “Riverdale” Season 2 will include this empowering Betty storyline from the comics

Fans of Riverdale cannot wait for news about the upcoming season. There are always rumors flying about what will happen, but it seems like there is going to be an empowering Betty storyline in Riverdale Season 2 – and it comes straight from the comics.

Riverdale flips the stereotypes.

Comic-version Betty is an extremely skilled mechanic. This plot point looks like might be incorporated into the show. On Friday, the Archie Comics Twitter shared a photo of Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, who play Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones. And in the picture, it definitely looks like Betty is showing Jughead how to fix his car.

If this is part of the show, it’ll be super amazing. Many gender stereotypes revolve around men knowing a lot about cars. And women knowing practically next to nothing. Have a female television character who is the source of car knowledge definitely flips these ideas on their head. Representation is a great way to diffuse the power of stereotypes. If women (and men) see a woman well-versed in car knowledge, they may be more likely to think that women can be and are capable mechanics.

Fans are pretty excited about this potential plot point.

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We hope the writers are paying attention to the source material.

Whether it’s The Walking Dead or Riverdale, fans can’t get enough when comic adaptations pay attention to its origins. Having new ideas are great, but fans want to see the show reflect the spirit of the comic or the book. So if the comics help empower women, so should the television show.

We can’t wait to see what the second season has in store for us.

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