This “Riverdale” theory suggests Cheryl Blossom is a witch, and that has to be good news for the “Sabrina” spinoff

The recent season premiere of Riverdale may have focused on the fate of Fred Andrews (he lives!) and the impending threat looming over Riverdale — and apparently Greendale, home of one Sabrina Spellman — but it appears the episode may also be setting up a major Sabrina revelation.

Now that we all know that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is in development over at The CW, we’ve been searching far and wide for hidden clues surrounding Sabrina’s inevitable appearance on Riverdale. It also means we’ve been waiting patiently for some form of magic to appear on Riverdale. But according to this writer over at TV Guide, our “Sabrina” has been around THE WHOLE TIME, and her name is none other than Cheryl Blossom.

That’s right, this theory claims Cheryl is actually a teen witch.

Yep, according to this theory, we don’t have to cross Sweetwater River to find the witch we’ve been waiting for because she’s been in Riverdale this whole time.

Let’s face it: There may be no character on Riverdale as cryptic and mysterious as Cheryl. Before we even get into TV Guide’s evidence, we have to point out that Cheryl speaks almost exclusively in cryptic codes and poetic metaphors. Plus, she’s almost always around during the series’ most bizarre and chaotic moments. Coincidence? We think not — but does that make her a witch?

As TV Guide points out, Cheryl is obsessed with being a twin, so much so that she was the subject of oh so many twincest jokes throughout the the first season. And let’s not forget that everything about the Blossom twins was blatantly bizarre and creepy. But being a twin isn’t just a Blossom thing — it’s also something very important to the Sabrina comics, as all the Spellmans have a twin. According to TV Guide, in the Riverdale/Sabrina universe, having a twin may just be an important key to possessing a bit of magic. We have to admit, this is a bit of a stretch, but points for creativity!

Frankly, the most compelling piece of evidence comes from one of the most bizarre moments of the episodes: the kiss of life. Just before Fred wakes up from his coma, Archie enters his hospital room to find Cheryl leaning over and giving him a kiss. Cheryl tells Archie that she’s giving his father the kiss of life, as payback for saving hers. While it could just be a symbolic kiss of life, Fred literally wakes up in the next scene.

Plus, as TV Guide points out, Cheryl is always dressed for the occasion, and we’ve never seen her lipstick look anything other than flawless. If anything, that’s living proof that magic is involved.

While it remains to be seen whether or not Cheryl Blossom is the witch we’ve been waiting for, it’s safe to say we’re in for a wild second season of Riverdale.