Which ‘Riverdale’ Character Are You? Find Out If You’re a Southside Serpent or Pretty Poison

'Riverdale' Season 5 picks back up today.

The dark and dangerous town of Riverdale isn’t exactly the first fictional world we’d choose to live in. With evil nuns, cult leaders, and mafia members around every corner (plus serial killers living in your own home), we’d much rather move to tranquil Stars Hallow à la Gilmore Girls or Gossip Girl’s swanky Upper East Side. But we have to admit: Solving mysteries, putting villains behind bars, and owning speakeasies in high school does sound pretty thrilling.

But who would you be if you were sipping milkshakes in Pop’s Chocolate Shop and singing onstage at La Bonne Nuit? Are you as smart as girl-next-door-turned-FBI-agent Betty Cooper or as polished and savvy as the “She-Wolf of Wall Street” Veronica Lodge? Do you embody the badass sass of Queen Bee Cheryl Blossom or the loyal and loving energy of pink-haired Toni Topaz? Would you be able to keep up with Archie Andrews’ never-ending determination to do the right thing or are you as cynical and sarcastic as Serpent King Jughead Jones?

Whether you think you’d be a diehard Southside Serpent (tattoo and all) or a sassy Vixen, this Riverdale quiz will prove which gang you’d fit in with. In honor of Season 5 returning to our screens today, August 11th, take the Riverdale character quiz below.

This quiz has now ended.
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