A “Riverdale” actress is joining “Once Upon a Time,” and this is a crossover we didn’t dream up

As if we needed any more proof we’re in an age of peak TV, a Riverdale actress is joining the cast of Once Upon a Time! The CW’s own Polly Cooper, played by Tiera Skovbye, will recur on Season 7 of ABC’s fairy-tale hit. What does this mean for Polly? That’s not clear at the moment. But we do know who Skovbye will play on Once Upon a Time, so if you’re afraid of casting spoilers, this is your last chance to turn back!

Skovbye will play the adult daughter of Zelena and Robin Hood.

Appropriately enough, this character is named Robin. Robin will make her grand debut in Episode 10, otherwise known as the winter finale of Once Upon a Time.

She’s described as a “strong-willed good girl turned rebel,” who is “struggling to define her identity” in the face of overbearing parents. Considering everything Polly Cooper went through in Season 1 of Riverdale, we’re seeing some similarities.

Robin will also reportedly be the love interest of an exisiting character.

According to TVLine, who broke the news, the younger Robin is being added to the series to help someone find love. She’s joining at a famously cliffhanger-y point in the season, so it’s unclear who that will be. Could Robin cause trouble for an existing couple, or could she put the moves on a fan favorite? Or, could something completely different happen?!

Either way, we’re so glad to see the mysterious Polly Cooper, em, Tiera Skovbye joining the cast of Once Upon a Time.