“Riverdale’s” Madelaine Petsch responds to all the fans who ask if her lips are real

We get that famous people bring out the curious side in most of us. But it’s not cool to constantly question if an actor’s features are real. Although she’s a relative newcomer to the celebrity scene, Madelaine Petsch of Riverdale has already dealt with her fair share of speculation over whether her lips are real. And even though it is her prerogative to keep those signature lips of hers sealed, the actress said her look is all natural in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

The biting and popular cheerleader Cheryl Blossom is used to pouting her way through Riverdale, but that still didn’t prepare Petsch for all the offscreen attention her lips would get. So in anticipation of Riverdale Season 2, Cosmopolitan asked Petsch if people are still asking if her lips are real. Her response?

"Yes. All the time. If my hair is real, if my eyelashes are real, my butt's real. It's constant. It's all real. All natural, baby! And I’m a natural redhead."

This isn’t the first time that Petsch has addressed rumors about her lips. Days after Riverdale premiered in January 2017, Petsch wrote on Twitter:

"For those who keep asking- my lips are au naturale 👄"

She included a childhood photo of herself that is pretty much definitive proof that she’s always had the same enviable full lips that she has now. Again, not that she needs proof.

While Petsch shouldn’t have to address rumors about whether or not parts of her body are real, she has used people’s questions as a platform to speak out about being bullied as a child. In her Washington state hometown, the actress was picked on because of her looks, specifically her hair, and the fact that her parents are South African. During her recent Cosmo interview, Madelaine said,

"It's funny because I was made fun of for [my hair] so much as a kid. I grew up in a small town, I was the only redhead other than my brother. We had South African accents, I was a vegan, I was raised without religion. I was just the weirdest kid in this small town, so I got made fun of a lot for it. My brother got stones thrown at him! So now I very much embrace it and want people to know I'm a natural redhead and proud of that."

Petsch has every reason to be proud of her natural self and we love that she has been empowered by the gossip.

And as for Cheryl’s lip color? Well, that’s one thing that Petsch is staying mum about. “It’s a secret. I’m not allowed to say. One day we’ll share.”

But now we officially know that the lips rocking that color are 100% natural — even if it was none of our business in the first place.

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