This “Riverdale” star opens up about her severe depression before landing the role of a lifetime

In honor of mental health month, Riverdale star Lili Reinhart took to Twitter to share her personal battle with depression.

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary since she discovered that Riverdale was getting picked up for a full season. The CW show was also recently renewed for a second series, ahead of its season finale episode on May 11th. In a series of reflective tweets, the actress shared how the show helped her overcome depression.

“I cried tears of joy. In that moment I became a working actress with a steady job. Something I had been working towards for 7 years, she wrote in a series of tweets. “And now here we are, gearing up to film season 2. And I could not be more grateful. Riverdale came into my life when I was going through the worst depression I had ever experienced. And in the end it completely saved me.

She continued, explaining that she felt compelled to share her personal mental health journey to destigmatize the topic during mental health month. She attributes getting over the hump to hard work and encourages her followers to not let depression get the best of them.

“Your mental health should be your priority. Don’t forget that. This is your life, you’ve only got one. So don’t waste it by being sad, she writes.

Despite the well-intentioned tweets, not everyone was so happy with her statements. Some expressed frustration that they felt the Twitter rant shamed individuals with clinical depression. false


Reinhart responded in an attempt to clear the air.

“Apparently everything I say is going to be taken the wrong way from this point on in my life. Which is disheartening that people want to make me a villain. So no... I in no way meant that depressed people should just 'stop being sad.'"

Depression is a complex and personal journey. Many people struggle with the mental condition throughout their lives, and, the truth is, different outlooks and strategies work for different people. Clinical depression obviously can’t be cured for everyone with a mantra, but at the same time, holding a specific intention or way of thinking about one’s own depression might be helpful to that person. Let’s hope that Lili and her fans continue to discuss the issue in a positive, open way.

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