10 “Riverdale” Halloween costumes worthy of a celebration at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe

With only a few days left before Halloween, there are only so many costume ideas you can still assemble with some degree of ease. Black dress with cat ears is always a go-to OR you can try for a pop culture-inspired look. Yes, that Pennywise costume from It is fantastic, but what about just dressing like the cast from Riverdale? The show is so popular, you’re guaranteed to get high fives no matter where you go. AND because it’s a show about regular high school kids, you likely have all the costume’s items in your closet anyway. The other best thing about dressing like a TV show character is that you can gather some friends and make it a group endeavor.

Here are 10 examples of perfect Riverdale-inspired Halloween costumes.

1We love that Jughead is the perfect gender neutral costume.

2Just some River Vixens dabbing, you know, as you do.


3You can piece together Riverdale-inspired costumes from your wardrobe if you’re looking for last-minute couples’ costume ideas.

4Throw on some pearls and a yellow baseball tee and you’re Veronica.

5With a Betty costume, you just need a sweater and a white blouse.


6If you like Riverdale but still want to be spooky, what about dead Jason Blossom?

7It’s also a perfect group costume idea…

8…Or couples costume.

9Red hair paint = instant Archie. Also, let’s be real, that’s what KJ Apa’s hair looks like anyway.


10One more Jughead Jones dress-up just because.

What are you dressing as on Halloween?