Rise of the Indie Comic

There is a rising happening right now before our eyes. This is the year of the indie artist. I say that not only because I’m an independent artist myself, but because of my experiences with other artists at conventions. Last weekend, my husband and I exhibited at the  Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival (aka MoCCA) in New York with our comic, Cuddles and Rage (also seen here every Friday on HelloGiggles – gotta self promote!). The experience of being in a room with hundreds of other artists is exhilarating.  It is a free for all of expression and creativity.

If you’ve never been to an indie comic festival, then I encourage you to find a convention local to your area. You will find story matters on subjects far and wide. One book I picked up was all about bed etiquette or simply termed “Bediquette.” Another exhibitor solely focused on fat cats! Or there is my favorite artist of all time, the lovable Scott C. He’s the nicest dude you will ever meet with mad watercoloring skills.

You might ask yourself, why do I think this is the year of the indie artist? My husband Jimmy and I have been running the convention circuit for three years, and I can tell you this year was quite different from the rest. You had high up art people from the New York Times, big name publishers, and advertisers all attending MoCCA looking for the next big thing.

The indie art community fulfills a void that we are missing in the general media. Artists are able to speak uncensored and fill the most specific niches.  Any traditional form of media we view as the general public is met with 20 layers of approval before it is revealed to us. When an artist is able to give you the raw, honest truth that energy is met with sincerity and enthusiasm from readers.

With Kickstarters on the rise and big companies looking to the hottest Tumblr sites, it’s undeniable to think that if you are passionate about something then your dreams will come true. Passion will always trump monetary value, and creativity is so important in life.  Everyone should stop and do what they love.

I’m always looking to be inspired and would love to hear what art inspires you.

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