This insane, futuristic machine turns selfies into latte art

If you’ve ever had the burning desire to drink a latte with an image of your own face in the foam (if you weren’t dreaming of this before, you are now), then you’re in luck. A fancy new machine called the Ripple Maker can do just that.

The Ripple Maker uses an app to create high-resolution images in latte foam (or a cappuccino or simple coffee, whichever you prefer), and the results are pretty amazing.

It does normal folks and Oprah’s besties alike:

The coffee maker uses a patented printing technology with “coffee extract filled Ripple Pods” to create the images. And you’re not just limited to selfies. The Ripple Maker has an entire content library of images and messages to choose from, or you can submit your own image. So basically, you can drink coffee with your own face in the foam or your dog’s face or the face of that guy you’ve been crushing on at work. (Although that last one might be a tad stalker-y. Be cool.)

According to the creators of the Ripple Maker, it makes “creating and sending a personal message as simple as creating a social media post.” We can all do that, right? And get this…the machine takes just 10 seconds to create the image in the foam. Our minds are officially blown.

The Coffee Ripples App launches next month on iOS and Android and will allow users to locate venues that have Ripple technology and browse Ripple’s image library, as well as upload their own pictures. The App is free (woo hoo!), but since the Ripple Maker machine comes with a $999 price tag, plus a monthly service plan, it’s best suited for coffee shops, restaurants and cafes instead of personal homes. (Although it would be super rad to have one of these in your kitchen. #coffeegoals)

Take a look at the Ripple Maker in action in the video below:

I’m not sure how I can continue drinking plain, unadorned lattes from now on. The struggle, you guys.

[Images via Twitter. Video via YouTube.]