The new “Rings” trailer is here, and we’ll never sleep with the lights off again

Just when we thought we’d left her creepy butt behind in the era of VHS tapes and boy bands, here comes Samara in the terrifying new Rings trailer to prove once and for all that, just like bad TV reboots, she will never, ever go away.

And tbqh? We’re pretty freaking psyched about it, even though we’re not quite sure how Rings will address the many changes in technology that have occurred since Naomi Watts first watched Samara’s cool little independent film way, way back in 2002. (Were we ever so young?!)

Like, okay, we see here that the “tape” is available via email now (by the time we get to the fifth sequel, Samara will surely have figured out Snapchat). Email obviously spreads way, way quicker than a VHS ever could, so does this mean Samara’s curse has now spread worldwide? Does Rings chronicle a dystopian nightmare where no one can click on an email from their friend saying “hey, check out this adorable cat video” without risking Samara’s latest short film popping up to cause seven days of skin-ripping, hair-eating, and pulling-string-out-of-mouthing?

Only time will tell how Rings will grapple with Samara’s seemingly increased power and influence, but we cannot wait to find out on February 3rd … even if we have literally zero plans of sleeping with the lights off for the following seven days.