Cardi B’s “Ring” lyrics, so you can belt them during a breakup

Now that Cardi B’s debut album, Invasion of Privacy, is here, fans get to finally hear what she’s been working on — and let’s just say it’s all worth the wait. Her album includes a lot of jams, and one that people have been all over so far is “Ring,” a song she recorded with Kehlani. But what are the lyrics to Cardi B’s “Ring”? Let’s just say that after you hear them, you’re going to have a new favorite breakup anthem.

In the song, Cardi B and Kehlani are rapping (and singing) about how a guy they used to spend all their time on is no longer calling (who hasn’t been through that?). In true Cardi B fashion, these lyrics are definitely NSFW, so you may want to make sure you’re wearing headphones when you’re jamming away in a public place.

Here are the full “Ring” lyrics:

Chorus: (Kehlani)
You don’t hit my line no more, oh, oh
You don’t make it ring, ring, ring, ring
I can’t keep this on the low
I want you to make it ring, ring, ring, ring

Cardi B:
Should I call first? I can’t decide
I want to, but a bitch got pride
The switchin’ up shit is what I can’t fuck with
I’m feelin’ you but you hard to get in touch with
And you ain’t hit me up in a while
Actin’ like you don’t know what number to dial
You quit, then that’s it, I’ma throw in the towel
‘Cause a n%^&* only goin’ through what you allow
You don’t want this gun smoke
Learn to text with your nose if your thumb broke
I don’t care if we gettin’ to it and I stall on your ass
But I still wake up from missed calls from your ass, n#$%^

Chorus (Kehlani)

Cardi B:
Nah, n!@#$ now you gon’ have to call me (call me)
‘Cause I’m lookin’ at these messages, they on me (yeah)
Actin’ like they ain’t n!@#$% that want me
Let another n!@#$ in your spot, and you gon’ be hot, n$%^&, coffee
You gon’ be sick to your stomach
Hit me when you free, 1-800
It’s emergency, call me 911
‘Cause right now I’m out here tryna find someone
So the ring on my phone, ring on my finger (brrr)
You actin’ like you ain’t tryna do either (yeah)
What’s a good girl? Watch me turn diva
Here goes my heart, I put it on speaker (oh)

Chorus (Kehlani)

You used to be on my line
On my tick all the time, yeah
Love it when you make me feel
Like you don’t mind when I ain’t got time for you
You know it don’t go to my head
I’m only here again in bed
I just love to know you wanna spend time with me instead
Now you all caught up
Yeah, you all caught up
Now you done left me alone, yeah
You was all fed up
Ready for the next step
Wanna be on your own
Said I just miss you, I just miss us, baby
All I know is

Chorus (Kehlani)

You can listen to the full track here:

Happy jamming!

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