Riley Curry is showing off her moves again on Instagram, and all is right in the world

Riley Curry — the daughter of a basketball MVP and celebrity chef power couple, the premiere Drake cover artist, the true America’s Sweetheart — has finally returned to Instagram with her perfect dance moves.

Riley Curry is the daughter of Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry and his wife, chef Ayesha Curry, and is generally understood to be a queen in the making.

Riley first solidified her role in pop culture history when she turned her father’s press conference into the stage that she deserved.

And eventually returned to sing for her demanding public.

Thankfully for us, her parents have continued to showcase Riley as she dances like no one is watching.

Observe her flawless Nae Nae execution at only 3 years old.

Praise the universe, the now 4 years old wunderkind is back with her latest Drake collab: an 8-count set to “One Dance.”

The handstand! The footwork! The dynamic arm movements! The Little Mermaid tee!

Riley Curry, keep shining.