Rihanna’s new single just dropped and you need to hear it (in full!)

It seems as though fans have been waiting for Rihanna’s new album for forever, so when she teased something called “BBHMM” yesterday, we were all aflutter: Would the news be a tracklist? Another bananas collab? Or, R8 itself?!

The answer: a new single, but because she’s all about her business, Rih’s partnered up with phone app Dubsmash to release the song in snippets before dropping it through the app in full.

This morning, everyone flooded to Dubsmash only to realize there was about 20 seconds of the song available and it was broken up into pieces. The reaction to the tease was pretty intense on Twitter. People were getting fairly weepy about only hearing a snippet of the song.

But we’re happy to say we’ve finally heard the song in full. Spoiler: It’s sparse, it hits hard, and it’s AMAZING.Rolling Stone calls RiRi’s song a “confident club banger,” adding that “her evolving sound has gotten much harder since her dance pop debut, and “BBHMM” may be her hardest yet.”

Want to hear it? MissInfo ripped it right from the radio, where it premiered in full this morning. Check it out here. Go ahead, dance it out.

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