You may need sunglasses to look directly at Rihanna’s incredibly sparkly new boots

There’s never a time where Rihanna isn’t dazzling us with some jaw-dropping piece of clothing or music (or, let’s be real, a giant new comfy coat), but today she’s taken it to the next level. We just heard that Rihanna got a pair of ridiculously sparkly boots from the Saint Laurent show at Paris Fashion Week (because she’s Rihanna and she gets what she wants! As it should be).

And actually, “sparkly” is an understatement. These knee-high boots are so shiny that it’s basically like walking on diamonds. Here’s the Instagram post where she expressed her undying love for these bad boys.

And here they are ON HER FEET, same day:

They look really slouchy, and — despite their solid exterior —  actually seem like they could be comfortable. Which, in our humble opinions, is always a benefit when it comes to footwear. Also, those crystals genuinely hurt our eyes…yet, we can’t stop staring…

via giphyWe love how Rihanna let the shoes be the star of her outfit by wearing simple ripped jeans and a leather jacket. Clearly, this is a woman who knows how to accessorize. And FYI, we’re totally crushing on the multiple bling rings.

She’s definitely inspired us to explore some sparkly options in our wardrobe, because glitter does not have to be reserved for the winter months. Plus, it’s always fun to try something different when it comes to our personal style.

When Rihanna isn’t strutting her stuff in mega-wattage boots, she’s working on her athletic-leisure line with Puma; FENTYXPUMA, which was featured at Paris Fashion Week.

Keep rocking it with all you do and wear, Riri!

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