Rihanna’s baby cousin Majesty has mastered the art of liquid eyeliner

If there’s one thing we love about following Rihanna on Instagram, it’s seeing her in auntie mode.

We’ve watched Majesty, her adorable cousin, grow from a pint-sized newborn to beauty queen in the making and now, makeup is on the menu.

Last night (March 22), Aunty RiRi caught the two-year-old fine tuning her cat eye skills while no one was watching and of course, the results are adorable.

“when everybody asleep. and you been had plans for that liquid liner,” she captioned the selfie, showcasing Majesty’s drawn on brows and lashes.

Truth be told, she’s putting a lot of beauty novices to shame with her latest masterpiece. Late last year, the toddler got a lesson in nail care, painting both a mani and pedi, with the help of “Aunty Oh Na Na” of course.

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Are we watching a future makeup artist? Only time will tell with this adorable duo.

This article originally appeared in Essence.

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