Rihanna wore a diamond ring on her engagement finger, and people have questions

Should we toll the wedding bells or…? After Rihanna flaunted a huge diamond ring on her engagement finger, fans are wondering if we should expect a wedding. The singer and Fenty Beauty-creator posted a photo of herself on Instagram yesterday, December 7th, in which she sported a gigantic coat and an even more gigantic diamond ring.

Is there something you want to tell us, RiRi? We’re all ears.

Rihanna and rumored boyfriend Hassan Jameel have supposedly been an item since June. And now we’re wondering if they’ve taken their relationship to the next level. It’s certainly plausible, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We all know that Rihanna is a fashion icon and loves to bedazzle her outfits with sparkly accessories. This “engagement ring” could simply be one such adornment.

On the flip-side, we’d like to point out that the ring on her left-hand is the ~only~ ring Rihanna’s wearing in the below photos. This is not a solid piece of evidence, but we understand why it’s led to speculation. Some fans on Twitter are freaking out about the possibility of Rihanna getting married. And of course, others are skeptical.

If this is true, what do we do? Send a card? Declare a national holiday? false


And wait a second — what about the rest of us?

However, chances are, we’re all probably overreacting about the whole scenario. false

As much as we’d freak out over news that our favorite lady is tying the knot, we think it’s best to step back and chill out about this one. If RiRi is taking any big steps in the romance department, she’ll let us know on her own time.

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