The internet says Rihanna doesn’t know how to wink and TBH we think that’s adorable

Everything about Rihanna is pretty great. The Barbadian singer is soon to have her own makeup line, she’s the queen of selfies, she frequently slays in her videos… but perhaps the most endearing thing about Rihanna is the fact that she actually can’t do everything.

That’s right, a Twitter user (@NotAgainBen) has discovered that there’s one thing Rihanna can’t do – and that is WINK! 

He posted a series of videos where you can see Rihanna trying to wink… but just, not really getting there.

See what we’re talking about?! 

Okay, we’re glad that someone took the time to do this. It’s pretty great.

She’s almost got it here… but nope.

Oh, sweet Rihanna… A for Effort!

This is simply… blinking. 

Who needs to wink, anyway? She’s embracing her talent for blinking.

That other eye… it just won’t. let. it. happen! 

This is Rihanna gold, right here.

Dear Rihanna… WE LOVE YOU EVEN MORE. Never change!

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