Rihanna hit the club in a t-shirt with her grade school yearbook photo on it because she can

Rihanna’s fashion aesthetic — as we’ve already discussed — is playful, larger than life, gender fluid, and cooler than you or I will ever be. So when Rihanna hits the club, you’ll know that Rihanna is in the club — because you’ll see two of her.

Following a classy dinner where she was dressed in a striking, strapless, silky red dress, Rihanna stopped by 1 Oak for a little fun.

In order to achieve a laid-back style more appropriate for the ~club atmosphere~, she simply threw some of her own Made in America tour merch over it, because she is Rihanna and she has that right (also shout out to her new beautiful dreadlocks).

And as you can see from the photo below, this specific Rihanna t-shirt features an enormous photo of Rihanna from her grade school yearbook front and center.

In case you needed any additional proof that Rihanna is more goddess than human — please view her slaying in an evening gown and oversized t-shirt while donning a gigantic photo of herself as a child.

We just get excited when a snap of our third grade yearbook photo gets a few ‘likes’ on Instagram.


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